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Carrier after graduation

Graduates are active in employment mainly in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. The Graduate School of Integrated Life Sciences offers a bioengineering program for those who wish to go on to graduate school so that they can receive more advanced research and education. The graduate school is equipped with the latest equipment, and its research level is highly evaluated internationally.


Graduates of the 3rd class of Faculty of Engineering, Hiroshima University, have been employed by various academic representatives of Japanese companies, research institutes, universities, government offices, etc. through the detailed guidance of their academic advisors. I support you. For reference, the main places of employment in recent years are shown below. There are a wide variety of employment industries, and by learning in the third category, you can see that a wide range of career paths are open. For more information about employment information for each fiscal year, please see the materials room on the Hiroshima Fermentation Association (Alumni Association) website.